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Secret Swimming Hole on Davidson River

Are you looking for a secret swimming hole to avoid the crowds?

This spot has much to offer. The swimming hole is deep, with plenty of flow. There are two swimming holes in this stretch of river, both with small beaches. 

The swimming hole by the waterfall is the best. This swimming spot has a large beach with enough room for a family or small group. The small rapids make an excellent boogie boarding or tubing area for kids.  

The other swimming hole is not as deep and has minimal current. This swimming spot is our choice on days that are not hot as it is located in full sun during the day. 

Can you fish at this swimming hole? 

If you set up camp at the swimming hole by the waterfall, the people interested in fishing can make their way to the second swimming hole and fish there, it is wide open, so casting is easy. The water is very clear, and this is a stocked area so the Trout should be plentiful.

How do I get there?

Park here and walk .3 miles down this trail. You will see a small steep trail to your left. This trail leads to the waterfall swimming hole. The swimming hole is about 100 feet down the path.  

If you are looking for a larger swimming hole in the area, we suggest Whaleback Falls which is just a few minutes up the road. 

If you are looking from a swimming hole with no hike, there is a roadside waterfall with a small swimming hole here called Roadie River Rocks.  It is just up the road from the parking spot and there will be roadside parking there as well.