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The 17 Best Dog-Friendly Breweries near Asheville, NC

Do you have a furry best friend that you love to take everywhere with you? Asheville is the place to be. It is rated as one of the most dog-friendly towns in the southeast with its breweries, stores, and hiking, all of which you can enjoy with your furry friend.

Almost all the breweries closer to the heart of Asheville’s downtown allow dogs, but a good majority only allow for outdoor drinking areas because they usually have a smaller indoor space. The farther out of town you go, the more likely they will have bigger indoor spaces and allow for dogs outdoors and indoors. Below you will see a list of different breweries that are dog-friendly and encourage you to bring your friend. Are you looking for dog-friendly hikes as well? Find the best dog-friendly hikes here

Dog-Friendly Breweries In the Heart of Asheville

Wicked Weed You will love the sour and funky beer that they are known for in their funkatorium. Wicked Weed offers you beers and cocktails, cider, and world-class food. They have a large fire pit for everyone, including dogs, to enjoy. There are 25 beers on tap; We recommend DANK IMPERIAL HAZE 9.1%, a double hazy IPA with tangerine & passion fruit. They are open late into the night, so really have a night out with your furry friend.

Green Man– Dogs are allowed everywhere, and there is such a large space with several floors to choose from you will never feel crowded. Even when there is terrible weather, enjoy a drink or two inside. They have 23 drinks on tap, with a few of those being ciders. We recommend the RAINMAKER IPA 8.2%ABV imperial/double.

Asheville Brewing Company–This location has a large outdoor covered area that allows dogs and shows movies during warmer months. No dogs are allowed indoors, but this is your place to go if you want to catch a beer and a movie. Tuesdays also offer $3 on select beers. They have 15 beers on tap. We recommend CAROLINA MOUNTAIN MONSTER 10.75%ABV Imperial Stout.

Catawba Brewing–Dogs are not allowed in the brewery but are welcomed in their sizeable indoor sunroom and outside patio. There are 23 beers on tap. We recommend the LEMON-GINGER ZOMBIE 5.1% ABV. They offer food trucks and for a desert walk next door to the Vortex Donuts for a mouth-watering treat.  

Hi-Wire Brewing– Allows dogs and has an excellent big open floor plan with oversized doors to make you feel outside even when you’re in. They have 27 beers on tap. Try our favorite barrel-aged sours and clean beers, such as the 20W-50 Imperial Pastry Stout Series.    


Dog-Friendly Breweries In River Arts District

Wedge Brewery–Dogs are only allowed outside. It is a nice space outside with food trucks and lots of unique art to enjoy; of course, you are in the heart of the River Arts District. They have 16 beers on tap. We recommend GOLEM 11.7% ABV a Belgium Strong Golden Ale.

New Belgium Brewery–This is a massive brewery, the opposite of a microbrewery. You will enjoy the vast outdoor space with your dog to relax and enjoy listing to the French Broad River and watching the rafters and tubers float by. They have 27 beer on tap. Our favorite is 1554, a dry, chocolaty finish to it.

Archetype Brewery– Dogs are allowed everywhere. You will find beer and cider served at this location. Thursday is $3 on select beers. Archetype Brewery is an excellent place to sit back and relax and play a board game. They have 13 beers on tap. We recommend COWBOY POET 4.3%ABV Lager American Light.

Best Dog-Friendly Brewery in East Asheville

Highlands Brewery–This brewery is large with a ton of outdoor space. They have a large open field, a 1.2-mile hiking trail, volleyball courts, and a disc golf course. They have 22 beers on tap. You got to try the HELLBENDER 5.7%ABV Rauchbier.


Dog-Friendly Breweries In South Side of Asheville

Sweeten Creek Brewery–is a super dog-friendly brewery, and they can be inside or outside. They offer a field to play in. They also have a full menu restaurant called Bears BBQ. We recommend the Happy Camper 5.0% ABV an American Marzen.  

Holy Water–Your furry friend can join you inside or out at this location. They also serve hard seltzer and a brewery surprise of delicious sushi. Try the Juniper, Spruce, Lime seltzer; it’s delicious!

12 Bones Brewery–This is one of the best BBQ restaurants and brewery in Asheville. They do allow dogs in the taproom but not the restaurant. They have 20 brews on tap. Try the DODGY GOBBY 5.3% an English Pale Ale.

Dog-Friendly Breweries Outside of Asheville

Pisgah National Forest is one of the most visited dog-friendly hiking areas in Western North Carolina. Here are some dog-friendly breweries between Asheville and Pisgah National Forest. There is no better time to enjoy a cold beer than after a long hike.


Blue Ghost Brewing Company–They allow dogs inside and outside. They have a field, and if you happen to have little humans, there is a small playground as well. Enjoy the food truck and live music. They keep 14 brews on tap. We recommend BLUE GHOST IPA 6.5% ABV. They make it with 5 hops.  

Sierra Nevada–Dogs are allowed on the expansive patio, gardens, fire pit area, and amphitheater. Yes, you and your dog will enjoy the live local music in the perfect amphitheater. You can order limited menu food out on the patio, and there is a bar on the patio as well. They keep 16 beers on tap. Don’t miss out on the duck fat fries or BIGFOOT 9.6%ABV a Barleywine style Ale. These are our absolute favorite!! 

Burning Blush Brewery–They allow dogs inside and out. They always have a food truck and ample outdoor space. They keep 12 beers on tap. Try Memory in a Melody 5.3%ABV – lightly smoked wheat lager.

Mills River Brewing Company–This brewery offers dogs inside and out access. They have a food truck every day. They have a large outdoor sitting area that spreads out into the woods. They have 10 beers on tap and offer bourbon, whiskey, and scotch. You got to try the WASH CREEK-Appalachian Ale.

Oskar Blues Brewery–This location is close to the entrance to Pisgah National Forest. It offers a large covered outdoor area. There is a food truck as well. You and your dog will love it. There are 20 beer taps. We highly recommend MAMMA’S LITTLE YELLA PILS 4.7%ABV Pilsner-Czech.